Aerial Yoga Certification


Kapok Pilates & Wellness is hosting
an Aerial Yoga certification!

This 35 hour program will go over low and high swing with open and closed fabric exercises. We will provide a breakdown of the exercises including benefits, sequencing to provide a nice flow to class, spotting and cueing, safety precautions, health benefits, swing set up, maintenance, and more.

20 hours will be practiced together. The additional 15 hours will be a combination of free swing time to practice, viewing aerial classes and taking aerial classes.

Included in the weekend are 3 classes to experience a flow, 2-3 hours of anatomy for postural distortions including scoliosis and how and what to consider when working with students in a class and pose breakdown.
Pose breakdown of fundamental exercises include the swing high, hip height, with open fabric as well as fabric closed/tight. Low swing pose breakdown includes closed and open fabric. We discuss proper ways to cue getting in and out of posses, safety considerations and things to watch for when teaching a class flow.

The program includes 3 aerial classes to take at a future date, at least 3 classes to observe, at least 3 practice hours, and 3 classes to teach out. We give you suggestions and feedback after each class.

Remote students are welcome to participate via live streaming! 

August 23rd-25th, 2019

*Friday 6-9pm

*Saturday and Sunday 8-5pm

Please note this includes Friday night 6-9pm

This program is $500 before July 12th, $550 after


Violet Sullivan, Espi MacMillan and Emily Wenzel are leading this training

Questions? Contact Emily Wenzel at 727-365-8574

We welcome you to join this journey with us and become a part of
our transformational Kapok family.