Pilates Certification

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Coming This Fall!

Are you looking to further your knowledge in physical anatomy and the Pilates method of exercise?
We are proud to announce that we will be conducting our own in-house Pilates Certification Course starting this October.
This course is for anyone interested in furthering their own personal knowledge, practice and those looking to teach.

The Certification will be broken into FOUR weekend modules covering the following information:

Module 1: Human Movement Anatomy & Mat Pilates (October 19th-21st)
Learn about how the human body moves and how to apply corrective exercises to address postural
deviations. We will also learn the original exercises as Joseph first intended them...on the Mat. We
will learn and apply the 8 principles of Pilates which will be the foundation for each module.

Module 2: Reformer 1 (November 3-4) *prerequisite is completion of Module 1
Applying our knowledge of the Mat exercises we will now transpose them to the reformer. We will
learn not only how to execute and cue the reformer poses but how to both regress and progress to
challenge and support participants.

Module 3: Reformer 2 (December 1-2) *prerequisite is completion of Module 1& 2
Start to apply our human movement knowledge to address the more challenging Pilates exercises
on the reformer. Cueing, coaching and adjusting will be a prime focus in this module.

Module 4: The Pilates Chair and Tower (January 12-13) *prerequisite is completion of Module 1, 2, & 3
Discover the creativity and challenge that additional Pilates apparatus such as the chair and tower
can add to traditional Pilates exercises.


Each module will include hands on learning, personal instruction and an in-depth manual. After
completing the modules, participants will have earned 111 hours of human movement and Pilates
training. Each module will be presented by Emily Wenzel and Espi MacMillan,
certified Pilates instructors and NASM personal trainers with over 20 years of teaching experience.

Cost per module is $399 or pay in full for all FOUR modules and
receive a 10% discount.

Questions? Contact Emily Wenzel at 727-365-8574

We welcome you to join this journey with us and become a part of
our transformational Kapok family.