Kapok Pilates & Wellness is a place for people to expand their horizons, enrich their body and mind through physical exercise of the body, internal strengthening of the mind & within. Kapok Pilates & Wellness will empower you to take charge of your own health and wellness!  Strengthen your inner core and roots, increase body awareness, live well, closer to the earth and more sustainable for you and our future.


  Crystal Bowl Meditation   Wed  2/7   7:30pm

Breathwork Techniques  Sat 2/11  3:30pm     Gong Bath Meditation  Sun  2/12  11am 

Aerial Glowga   Fri  2/16  7pm   

Pranic Healing & Floating Meditaiton Sun 2/18  4pm

Healing Circle & Meditation Sat 2/24  10:15am   Raising Kundalini Energy Sat 2/24  3:30pm








We have a diverse on-going selection of healthy living workshops and seminars including some hands on events. Additionally, our studio has a boutique of natural products to support the importance of caring for your body inside out!





Learn and develop the principals of Joseph Pilates and incorporate in your everyday life. These include centering, concentration,control, precision, breathing, alignment, flow, and integration.  

From Gentle, Restorative yoga to Aerial Yoga in silks, Kapok offers a variety of classes and workshops for all levels-- View our schedule to see which style resonates with you!


Enrich your body, mind & soul