Our Story


Kapok Pilates & Wellness is a place for people to expand their horizons, enrich their body and mind through physical exercise of the body as well as internal strengthening of the mind. Kapok Pilates & Wellness will empower you to take charge of your own health and wellness and expose you to a variety of ways of living well. Join us to strengthen your inner core and roots, increase body awareness, live closer to the earth, and more sustainable for you and future generations.

Kapok Pilates and Wellness was inspired through Emily’s personal journey of health and wellness. Emily always lived an active life from a young age playing sports like soccer, tennis, and volleyball.  She played at an elite level of soccer and took her passion into her career and worked on staff in Major League Soccer (MLS) and the NFL. During that time, she was drawn to strength and weight training. She continued to mix up the workouts with step aerobics, spin, boot camps and core training.  In 2004, Emily began teaching group classes and personal training through National Academy of Sports Medicine and taught outdoors and the YMCA.

Pilates Foundation

The next chapter, in 2005, was Emily’s affinity to the Pilates Method.  She began teaching and studying Mat Pilates. Yearning for more on the Method and Principles of Pilates, she began a mentorship and foundation at a Balanced Body certifying studio. Her Pilates certification is with PHI Pilates and The Pilates Coach (Leslee Bender currently Applied Functional Movement).

During the journey and her inception of studying the Pilates Method, Emily developed an autoimmune disease and experienced physical pain which impacted her level of physical activity. The 2 year struggle of physical pain, led to a deeper level of appreciation of the Method. This mindful way of exercise helped Emily fine tune her personal practice and a better understanding of the proper connection to the intrinsic muscles and moving the body mindfully. This experience allowed Emily to grow as an instructor and appreciate the mind body connection with empathy and compassion, understand how fragile the body is, the importance of being present and understanding the importance of stabilization before mobilization.  


This mindful experience also created an appreciation for a variety of modalities of living well.  Through the challenge of the auto immune disease and ulcerative colitis, Emily was exposed to a variety of ways to balance body mind and spirit to live medicine free and without surgery.  The most effective therapies included Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Energy Medicine, Meditation, Sound therapy and more. Emily made most of her own foods (and eventually became an avid gardener of herbs and vegetables) to ensure no hidden ingredients and followed to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to heal the gut and begin living again. As Emily became more passionate about  sharing this powerful experience and passion for healthy living, she began teaching workshops in the community.

A few years later, Emily suffered cervical damage and whiplash in a car accident. This was another journey of dedication, patience, and diligence on healing safely.  This experience led to a deeper level of education of body awareness, mindful movement and the power of the mind.

The Vision of Kapok Pilates & Wellness

Eventually it was time to put all the elements together into Kapok Pilates and Wellness. It was Emily’s passion to share a variety of modalities of living well with mindful movements and meditation to wellness workshops, seminars and more.

Kapok Pilates and Wellness is a high vibration place to support people on their journey of living well to positively influence their lives which, in turn, will positively impact their family, friends and communities.

The Kapok Family

Emily and the Kapok family of instructors continues education and studies through online websites and forums, conferences and events.  We continue to be students of understanding of the physical, emotional and energetic body. We find joy in working with people to support their desire to challenge the body and mind, learn more body awareness and be playful in life!